Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Мариинский дворец

Scientific activity

Boris Ivchenko is creator of new scientific direction – the system informative and statistical analysis of the complex social, economical, ecological and technical systems.

His real specialization is: research and implementation of scientifically grounded programs of noncrisis development of the North-West region of Russia, taking into account provision of national security of Russia in the framework of civil society organization, sustainable economy based on new high technologies.

Among the most important Boris Ivchenko scientific results there are research of the theoretical base of system informative and statistical analysis of the complex technical systems, methods of mathematics modeling and scientific prognostication of their safety and quality; research methodology of rational distribution of multi-criteria resources in the process of creation complex systems for receiving statistically sustainable features of such systems in their living cycle; research of informative and statistical methods of risk value of techno crashes and disasters, based on limited information; mathematical modeling and operative prognostication of ecological situation and dynamic of stochastically ecosystems development, research of theory for construction extreme distribution of extreme accidental quantities , methods of grounding and evaluation results of tests complex systems for small and extra-small selection.

The results of provided by Boris Ivchenko scientific researches are practically implemented and realized in the science institutes and project machinery and shipbuilding organizations due to making various armament complexes and technical equipment for the Russian Navy.; and also due to the conversion tasks salvation on the complex ecological, building, transport systems, in science and educational organizations. He was an active member of research and weapon tests more than 25 years.